Implementation of mechanical systems for facilities

Duration Price Training method
60 hour 300 JD Virtual

Design & Implementation of Mechanical Systems for Facilities

A course related to enhance trainee to be able for the construction market by learning and practice on mechanical contractor engineer tasks and qulify trianee to work as site and supervision engineer.

  1. Introduction.

  2. Bill of quantities and pricing.

  3. The parties to the project and the responsibility of each party.

  4. Reading mechanical drawings.

  5. Make shop and as built drawings for several systems.

  6. Internal and external correspondence.

  7. Preparing bills.

  8. Handing over the mechanical systems to the consultant.

  9. Local and international codes.

  10. Site visits.

  1. Undergraduate mechanical engineering students.

  2. Fresh graduate mechanical engineering students.

  3. Mechanical engineer employees.

  1. The ability to follow the progress of mechanical works.

  2. Preparing various documents and correspondence.

  3. Preparing shop and as built drawings.

Start date Days Times
9- Mar -2021 Sunday - Tuesday 16:30 - 20:00