Design & Implementation of Electrical Systems for Facilities

Duration Price Training method
100 hour 350 JD Virtual

Design & Implementation of Electrical Systems for Facilities

A qualification program for electrical engineers designed by our expert engineers, which is exclusive for academy since 2013, this program qualifies fresh graduated electrical engineers for working in engineering and contracting companies on many positions: design engineer, site engineer and supervision engineer. the program is included 25 hours practical training in the construction sites and academy electrical lab.

  1. Getting familiar with parties and equipments used in electrical design and contracting for facilities.

  2. Requirements for electrical designs.

  3. Power sources in project, the principle of each source and how to use it in the project.

  4. Distribution boards and circuit breakers.

  5. Power cables.

  6. Load estimation and types of electrical loads.

  7. Learning how to design lighting systems; understanding the principle and standards for designing lighting system with lumen method, use Dialux software for calculations and prepare the plans depending on these calculations using AutoCAD.

  8. Design the power outlet plans based on standards; getting familiar with energy saving codes and factors; demand factor and diversity factor.

  9. Fire alarm system.

  10. Low current systems.

  11. Earthing system.

  1. Fresh graduated electrical engineers.

  2. Undergraduate electrical engineering, 4 th and 5 th year university students.

  3. Electrical engineers employees.

  1. Understand the fundamentals of electrical design.

  2. To be able to execute electrical works in site.

  3. Design of lighting systems according to the code and official institutions requirements.

  4. Design of power system according to the code and official institutions.

  5. Design of fire alarm system.

  6. Design of low current systems.

  7. Prepareing load schedules.

  8. Prepare the BOQ based on the designs.

  9. Prepare the shop drawings for all systems based on the electrical drawings that designed.

Start date Days Times
9- Mar -2021 Sunday - Tuesday 16:30 - 20:00