Design and Implement Structures Civil Engineers

Duration Price Training method
100 hour 350 JD Virtual

Design and Implement Structures Civil Engineers

A qualification program for civil engineer designed by our expert civil engineers, which is exclusive to the academy since 2014, the program aims to qualify a fresh graduate civil and structural engineer to work as a design engineer in engineering offices and a site engineer or supervision engineer in contracting companies, where the program includes 25 training hour in different construction sites and in various stages of construction implementation. The program covers the skills of structural design, drawing of structure plans, bills of quantities, on-site implementation and structure projects management.

  1. Design

  2. Reading architectural plans in preparation for design.

  3. Basics of structural design and various structural systems.

  4. Calculation of loads on slabs.

  5. Design of structural elements using PROKON program

  6. Drawing structural plans using AutoCAD program according to the requirements of the Engineers Association

  7. Execution

  8. Pre-construction requirements.

  9. Methods of carrying out excavation and filling works and receiving them in an engineering manner.

  10. Methods of carrying out formwork, rebar and casting works for footings and receiving them in an engineering way.

  11. Methods of carrying out formwork, rebar and casting works for columns, beams and slabs and receiving them in an engineering way.

  12. Stone, its types and how to install it - (traditional & mechanical methods).

  13. Stages of finishing works - (plaster, tiles, paint ..).

  14. Forms of laboratory tests on the materials and how they are done on site.

  15. Quantity surveying

  16. Calculating the quantities of the structural elements in the project manually and using the EXCEL.

  17. Introduction to Project management

  18. Knowing about tenders and their types , the mechanism by which the bid is sold, its clauses pricing and opening, and how the bid is finally settled to the appropriate party.

  19. Project management Primavera P6 software You will learn the basics of Primavera P6 software EBS & OPS & WPS & Activates ... etc.

  1. Fresh Civil Engineer Graduate.

  2. Civil Engineers Students who have Finished main design courses (RC1, RC2) Interested

  3. Any Interested Civil Engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree.

  1. Design and draw any building as per Jordan Engineers Association Requirements.

  2. The ability to work in the field of supervision and contracting.

  3. Learn quantity surveying, whether with a contractor or with a consultant.

  4. Management and supervision of construction projects.

Start date Days Times
9- Mar -2021 Sunday - Tuesday 16:30 - 20:00